Why Rostrata

Struggling to operate complex care packages efficiently? We understand.

Our cloud-based software will enhance business performance and deliver growth.

Every care provider understands that personal budgets are currently the default position for NHS England’s Continuing Healthcare process.

However, trying to navigate the system through which support requirements are administered - from referral through to rostering staff and management reports – is incredibly costly in terms of time and resource.  Managing complex care packages is very different to traditional domiciliary and extra care.

Why Rostrata

With our ground-breaking cloud-based software, care providers can concentrate on delivering a financially sustainable service and effective operational efficiency, resulting in improved care outcomes. Through intelligent rostering, Rostrata delivers quality financial and operational information to enhance business performance. And with such reassurances you can deliver growth in complex care – both in terms of revenue and profit.

If the picture of staff juggling countless spreadsheets of rosters, staffing, timesheets, payroll, internal service monitoring and audit requests from commissioners is familiar, then Rostrata by Alocura is for you. Across all areas of your care business, Rostrata will identify efficiencies and areas for improvement. 

We understand your problem

Drag and drop teams of staff onto smart rosters which understand competency levels needed on a care plan. Instant online clock-in gives you real-time visibility of care delivery.

Automatically generated timesheets and one-click payroll approval system generates an instant report for finance - not just to pay staff but for team leaders to track costs against a care budget at any time.

Because the agreed care plan, rostering, timesheets and payroll are all part of one system, you have a full, transparent picture of the care package at any time with Rostrata. 

Rostrata allows providers to easily output the financial data from a care package at any time, allowing for instant, detailed audit information on any element of a PHB and reassuring commissioners and funders.

Rostrata tracks and analyses the exact costs of a care package against the agreed budget on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Understand where your care business can be more efficient and profitable.

Our main components will save your operation time and money


savings in management and administration costs


savings in administration time for reporting and auditing


improvement in net margins

Welcome to Rostrata, cloud-based management software to solve all these issues and support care providers to maintain client safety and profitability on an individual level.

Rostering, Time Sheets and Payroll data

Reporting, Management and Financial and Care Audit information

Why commissioners and funders should insist on Rostrata

We know that commissioners and funders often struggle to understand how commissioned budgets are spent. It was one of the reasons that Rostrata was developed, to offer a transparent picture of the care package. Economic pressures on the NHS will certainly require more diligent financial auditing.

Rostrata gives funders that oversight of a care package, offering instant audits and demonstrating effective long-term outcomes.

If you commission care through a personal health budget, then insist that the care companies you work with use Rostrata.

Why commissioners and funders should insist on Rostrata