Administrators and financial controllers

Providing your office with simple invoicing and other financial audits

With our clever software Rostrata, each client is allocated a care and support planner which acts as a one-stop-shop to manage a care package. This means an administrator, team manager or one of our own onboarding experts* can add the support plan details and charge the right rates whilst covering the care plan with the right staff.

*(additional fee for this service)

Administrators and financial controllers

The perfect people-centred software for administrators and financial controllers

If you work within the finance and administration team for a care company, you’ll already know how long it takes to roster staff, print and collate timesheets and generate payroll all whilst staying on top of budgets.

Rostrata can generate a blank roster that’s ready to be populated by the relevant staff members who have been added to the system. Our team at Alocura can help with the onboarding and set-up as well as provide you with ongoing support using Rostrata.

The software program will provide your team with some other great features including real-time reporting and instant payroll data which helps save up to 40% of an administrator’s weekly workload

Rostrata will quickly output the data it collects for reporting to commissioners and funders too, doing what was a day-long audit process in under 30 minutes.


Our person-centred software will help save you time and money


savings in management and administration costs


increase in support plan revenue generated


increase in gross margin contribution


increase in contracted hours delivered

Rostrata allows your care business to spot if there’s going to be an issue with staffing levels for a package or if there are any changes that could be made to help the service. Gain complete control of what’s happening any day of the week, with Rostrata.

When staff have finished their shifts and been rostered, their timesheets are automatically generated. A one-click payroll approval system then generates an instant report for your finance teams so they can pay staff.

For administrators, Rostrata is also a fantastic audit tool as it instantly tells them exactly how their money has been spent. It’s also unique in terms of its ability to drill down into the competency levels of every member of staff providing care on that package.


Working with several clients means I used to have to complete a timesheet for each one, and I didn’t always make them very legible. I was getting calls from the team manager and the admin department all the time. Now this takes no time at all, and I’ve got complete peace of mind that once I clock in and out, I know that my wages are going to be right. I also find it really useful to have a digital record I can check at any time of where I’m supposed to be and who I’m working with. There’s no confusion anymore, everything is completely simplified. I can just turn up to work, clock in, and concentrate on what I’m contracted to do; provide high-quality care.

Amber, PA – My Life

Operating a profitable care company that also gives tangible outcomes for the people it supports is incredibly challenging. Rostrata has made the days of juggling countless spreadsheets and trying to interpret budgets and spend a thing of the past. Finally we can concentrate on delivering an efficient, financially sustainable and personalised service.

Caroline Tomlinson – Chief Executive, My Life

It saves me so much time because I can roster for a number of weeks, or click a button to approve timesheets and payroll. More than that, the care delivery via Rostrata now works like an instant evidence tool, rather than relying on a paper trail of anecdotal evidence should we be overdelivering against the budget.

Matt – Team Manager, My Life

This isn’t just a roster system, it’s a tool to effectively manage a care budget for clients and staff. Strategically, for a care provider to be able to track the exact costs of a care package against the budget at any time is really important.

Lynn Cottriall – Financial Administrator, My Life
Team Managers

Team managers and leaders can understand within minutes of putting together their first roster how much time is saved at the planning and payment stages of the process. They also have complete control of what is happening during the week on their packages.