Digital Solutions for Health and Social Care Management

Health and social care provision will be transformed in the coming years by better and more widespread use of digital technologies, improving the efficiency and coordination of care. Rostrata is a cloud-based, cutting edge system from Alocura, enabling care providers and commissioners to dramatically enhance their financial and operational performance through a common, digital platform.


Rostrata: A framework management tool enabling Open Book reporting

Our digital reporting suite can be used by both commissioner and provider to manage your financial and operational relationship in an open book manner, if your framework requires it – as well as enable DSCR compliance.

This common system platform is unique in that it operates via an individual’s NHS number; an easy-to-use framework management tool offering immediate financial and operational rewards and insights for all.

Digital Social Care Records

One of the biggest changes to how care is delivered and recorded is coming in 2024 – but are you ready for it? Rostrata can help you get there quickly.

Care providers are being asked to provide Digital Social Care Records (DSCRs) by the NHS Transformation Directorate. It’s an initiative enabling the digital recording of care information and care received by an individual within a social care setting. DSCRs replace traditional paper records.

Through Rostrata’s groundbreaking real-time reporting suite, you can be set up to integrate with DSCR requirements - freeing up time spent by your staff on administrative tasks while equipping them with the information they need to deliver care.



The DSCR programme wants 80% of CQC registered adult social care providers to have a digital social care record solution in place by March 2024, interoperating with a local shared care record.

For care providers

Care providers

Digital solutions for care providers

Are you ready to provide commissioners with the digital records they will need to work efficiently with you in the future? Using an individual’s NHS number, Rostrata is set up to provide one common system platform for providers and commissioners to operate
in an Open Book framework.

Our end-to-end, cloud-based system holds complete digital records of an individual’s care plan and reports in granular detail the actual care delivered from the desktop.

It can highlight variances and changes in need while optimising the time and cost of managing and delivering care.

Caring Copy

Care commissioners

Digital solutions for care commissioners

Rostrata is set up via an individual’s NHS number to provide one common system platform for providers and commissioners to operate together in an Open Book framework – as well as integrate with any digitisation strategies and the new Digital Social Care Records requirements. This framework management tool gives you the instant reports and audits needed to manage your financial relationship with providers and budget holders from the desktop.

Rostrata is set up to integrate with DSCR requirements and provide all the management information needed to support the initiative.

It can also digitally enhance any commissioned and personalised care packages, helping you to support the care companies you work with and encourage Open Book frameworks.

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A Framework Management tool for commissioners and providers.

Full, instant insight into all financial and operational aspects of commissioned and personalised care packages from the desktop.

Find cashable efficiencies immediately with Rostrata.