About us

Equipping care comissioners and providers with complete care management software solutions

Helping care companies and commissioners overcome their biggest challenges

Combining senior healthcare knowledge with commercial innovation and thought leadership, our team at Alocura brings a wealth of experience from their own time working within the healthcare industry.

We continue to listen to people currently working in the industry so we can understand their aspirations for clients and the challenges they face. Our learnings from care professionals then go directly into the technology we develop with our software development partner, Qulix Systems, to create our bespoke care management software, Rostrata.

Rostrata is a complete care management software package for care providers and commissioners. Our mission is to help care companies overcome their biggest challenges and take the admin pressure off running a care business.

Developing Rostrata as a software system that brings together expertise, experience and innovation for the benefit of care companies and commissioners has been an ongoing process of design, refinement and live-testing. We’re proud of the ongoing work our team is doing to help support companies like My Life and Calico deliver personalised care and health solutions.

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